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"*Puma Man*
* Puma Man flying over the city
MIKE: I don't mean to be picky, but Pumas aren't really known for flying."

Always on the hunt for really unique pieces, I decided to take a look at some of the shops in Baltimore's neighborhood of Hampden. Hampden is decidedly what one from the outside might conjure if all they knew of Baltimore was what they have seen in a John Waters film. Thanks to the Mill Center attracting artists to the area, this little area of Baltimore has seen an influx of great shopping and eateries. I have heard that Hampden has some great indie boutiques, so I went on search for some unique and inexpensive pieces to add to my floundering wardrobe.

One shop of interest is Double Dutch Boutique, which is right up my alley with its gorgeous dresses and other girly apparel. I also decided to check out the designers they offer individually and post my favorite finds as well as Baltimore bred designs:

Red Prairie Press :

Plasticland : I'm madly in love with these shoes. You can also find some vintage inspired mary-janes with a bit of a lower heel so you can walk comfortably all day.

Art in the age of Mechanical Reproduction Great T-shirts (I know, I said I'd stay away, but sometimes you JUST CAN'T!)

Pistol Designs by Ali Dryer : Who needs the latest Coach or Dooney and Bourke when you can have something handmade and designed in Baltimore for a fraction of the cost? And if you ask me, these bags are more of a statement piece than those $500 bags anyday!

Art School Dropout : For jewelry, accessories and "COMING SOON!" - BAGS!

Dandelion Blu : A baltimore based jewelry designer. I'm swooning.

Baltimore Etsy Street Team : Check 'em out!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for posting about my work!! I found you via the Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction blog- I too love their stuff.


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