Muffin Tops - Nutritious and delicious

"Today the moon narrowly missed hitting a man's eye like a big pizza pie …" - Crow

"… scientists believe, that's amore." - Tom

While at the Walmart in Del Rio, Texas (because really there is nothing else to do), Mr. Hot Pilot and I were headed through the food section looking for snacky-snacks for Munchkin to take to school everyday when we came across "Muffin-Tops Cereal" by Malt-O-Meal. I of course go "Muffin-Tops Cereal?? A-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" To which my boyfriend goes "Oh, that looks yummy, should we get it?" No friends, Mr. Hot Pilot had NEVER heard the term "Muffin Top". (You haven't either? Oh my...well here is an example =

So once I had informed Mr. Hot Pilot, he found it to be the most HIGH-larious thing he had ever heard. Glad to have been of some form of entertainment for you my love. I suppose I can see where Malt-O-Meal is going with this. I tend to only enjoy that yummy top of my muffin as well (along with cutting calories by throwing away the bottom portion). Maybe my muffin-eating preferences will reduce the chances of gaining my own muffin top? Either that or I will buy pants that sit well on my hips, but I'm just sayin'!

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  1. I *knew I'd eventually find a better term for my "Buddha Belly".

    Odd that I was searching for muffin top cereal when I found it.


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