Worthy of a dirty look

"What's a giant eye going to do, pick you up and wink you to death?" - Joel

Where I work we have a certain uniform of pink scrubs that we wear everyday. The trauma center that I work for is known for their pink scrubs. Since I don't have to get in the muck and yuck with patients, I tend to wear a regular t-shirt over top of my awesome pink scrub pants to try and jazz it up a little and just wear my lab coat over that. So while I was walking from the parking garage to the trauma center, two younger guys followed in step behind me. I couldn't help but overhear their conversation as they were certainly not being very discreet. They were discussing how the trauma center is the only hospital around that makes their nurses/doctors/researchers wear the pink scrubs, and you can always tell if someone works there. Then, with me being the only pink scrub wearing person in the vicinity, I heard one guy go to the other "Yeah, those pink scrubs are the most ill fitting scrubs I have ever seen".

All I have to say is the stink eye I shot him when I turned around was very much warranted.

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