It's that time of year again. The time of year when those of us who don't have any biological children of our own decide to lumber over to the local mass-production department store in search of something for which to adorn our little dogs, cats or any other furry warm body we can find. Its time to dress up our defenseless family members in the most ridiculous get-up we can muster and parade them around until they are ready to plan your death late in the night when you are sleeping and they can get a good hold on your juggular.

Now of course I have Munchkin now however unfortunately I will be up in frigid Baltimore while he and Mr. Hot Pilot do the halloween thing down south without me. Sigh. So I have to attack the next best thing with my slightly twisted sense of humor and dress up my dog, Lucy. Last year I hit the mother-lode with a Princess Leia costume, complete with the Cinnamon bun hairpiece and white robe. She hated it.

I wanted to come up with something to top the awesomeness of Princess Leia and saw online that there was a Princess Leia "slave girl" (from the Jabba the Hutt movie) but alas it was unavailable in any stores near me.

So dear readers, the moment you have been waiting for....

And of course since no one in their right mind wants to be caught wearing a freaking chicken costume, when someone comes outside to investigate the rather large sqwak-ing dog, violent measures must be used in order to preserve one's place in the food chain :

And there it is...the look of "I'm going to put a pillow over your face and cut off your air supply while you sleep" :

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  1. Very funny - your poor pooch. So, is it true what they say - "They really do taste like chicken?" Sorry, just had to write that. I hope you will still visit my blog. Thanks for dropping in.


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