Oh trust me, you care!

In case you were wondering (or even if you weren't) here are a few tidbits of information about me.

1. I actually used to watch that show "The Girls Next Door" about Hef's mentally challenged girlfriends.
2. I firmly believe that show should be directed by Jane Goodall.
3. My name is Carrie
4. You knew that already, but you probably didn't know that it is short for Carrie-Anne, which I was called until I was about 5, at which time my mom figured that she needed to shorten my name for when I got in trouble, so she could pull out the big guns. "CARRRRRIEEEEE ANNNNNEEEE!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"
5. I have spent many long years making my signature attractive and illegible.
6. I love a good burger.
7. With bacon and mushrooms
8. I actually love meat...
9. I do not, however, eat weird meat (head cheese, tongue, pig feet and the like)
10. I lost 10 lbs on the Atkins Diet once, but it bored the crap out of me.
11. And so I stopped
12. And accepted white bread back into my life.
13. I was raised Baptist
14. Still am Baptist
15. My mother is a youth minister at my church.
16. I am not always very respectful
17. In fact I have a documented problem with authority
18. Officer Stein to be exact.
19. Pulled me over twice in two weeks, and then proceeded to tell me "I know where it is that you live"
20. I have never been fired for being mouthy, but did get laid off for wanting respectable hours for which to go to school in.
21. I am only competitive when it comes to driving on the Baltimore beltway.
22. I have a weird little dog that talks.
23. No, really
24. Just ask anyone.
25. Lucy told my dad whats what just yesterday
26. I finally graduated college (no thanks to my old loser job who didn't want to help a girl out)
27. And I am quite proud
28. Yes, I do understand that I am an uncontrollable dork.
29. I now work in Clinical Research at a rather well known Trauma Center
30. Which has been featured on "Trauma : Life in the E.R" and "Code Blue".
31. Sometimes the ticking of my biological clock wakes me up in the middle of the night.
32. When I was in middle school, I had massive, teased, hairsprayed hair. And gigantic glasses.
33. I thought I looked good.
34. It was only until recently that I got that whole "Star Wars" thing.
35. I have a definite type A personality
36. Watch out if you see me driving in your neighborhood
37. In my sweet blue Dodge Neon.
38. Which is my second blue dodge Neon.
39. I have changed my major about 4 times.
40. Most recently, two years ago.
41. It was only recently that I have started wearing heels.
42. Now that seems to be all that I want to wear.
43. I have always dated short guys.
44. Until now. My hot pilot is nice and tall (and ridiculously gorgeous).
45. I don't like long hair on guys.
46. I like them to be well dressed and clean cut. No tattoos please.
47. My favorite color is green
48. I have owned two Dodge Neons (yep, two)
49. Yes, I know
50. What was I thinking?
51. I obviously wasn't
52. My dream car of the moment is the Volvo S40 T5
53. I hope that my current Dodge Neon lasts me until I have my first child.
54. So I can then buy my Volvo S40 T5
55. I love dogs
56. Don't really care for cats
57. Hate is such a strong word
58. Especially when one says they hate cats
59. I lived in Florida for a year
60. I spent that year figuring out ways to move back home
61. When it was finally time to move home, I didn't want to leave
62. I am a magazine junkie
63. And a gossip column junkie
64. And a Target junkie
65. And I like crack
66. But not really.
67. I am happiest when I am really, really busy
68. I looked forward to the beginning of the school year back when I was a young whipper-snapper.
69. I am of the boomerang generation
70. I have left my parents home 4 times, only to return again.
71. The next time I leave, I plan on it being for good (I think Mr. Hot Pilot agrees)
72. But for now, I am enjoying the money that I am saving.
73. And Lucy likes hanging here with my parents two other dogs.
74. And free home cooking is always nice.
75. Have I mentioned that my dog talks?
76. Just ask anyone.
77. I don't like fake nails.
78. I think they look completely stupid
79. I also think that fake tanning is ridiculous
80. I spend most of my summer rather pale.
81. And what is with parents giving their little toddlers Mohawks?
82. Seriously.
83. I was in the marching band
84. Now lets never speak of that again.
85. But I played percussion
86. Not as nerdy as, say, the clarinet.
87. Which I also played
88. I have a cellphone that I don't really talk much on (unless it is to my aforementioned ridiculously hot pilot)
89. But I have been known to use 3000 text messages in one month
90. I tend to be a bit outspoken
91. After hearing people not washing their hands in the bathroom at work (the lovely job who didn't want to help a girl out with getting her education), I posted pictures of germs, and threatened violence if they DIDN'T WASH THEIR NASTY HANDS!
92. Then someone called OSHA, and they all thought it was me
93. It wasn't. I'm not an idiot. I wanted to KEEP my job
94. But seriously, not washing your hands…sick
95. I will be voting this November. I think it is extremely important
96. I voted for Bush
97. I am very, very sorry
98. How embarrassing
99. It is now 3:05pm
100. I really wish I were in Texas watching my Munchkins soccer game.

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  1. That has to be one of the funniest things I ever read.
    I'm sorry about the Dodge Neon too. Seriously...what WERE you thinking? hahahahahaha!


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