Superhero dreams

Growing up in my home as a kid, the most significant piece of pop culture we were ever introduced to was Superman. My dad was (and is) a huge sci-fi fanatic, collected GI Joes starting from back when they were first produced, and harbored a secret love for Superman, Batman, and anything else of the superhero genre. When I was younger, my dad would take my brother Matt and I up to Woodlawn to go to the DC Comic book shop, where he had a standing order and his own cubby with all of the latest comic book issues. This is the man who hung movie posters of the Batman, Superman and Star Wars movies in our family room. And yes. My mother let him. Rumor even has it that I was named after Carrie Fischer, the actress who played "Princess Leia". (However my mother tells me that it was actually after his great aunt)
A long while back, my dad suggested that we go and see "Superman Returns". As long as he was paying, I was totally game. This was the third time my dad was going to go and see the movie. For him it is more than a comic book made into a feature length movie. It was the perfect metaphor for good against evil, for the complicated relationship between a father and son, for the emotional and spiritual quest every human experiences when trying to figure out why we are here. For him it was the meaning of life.
The first note of the theme song in opening credits gave me chills. I was on the edge of my seat for nearly the entire movie. I guess watching this movie with my dad was a way for us to bond. This was something that I grew up on, and something he was passionate about. I was glad to be able to share that passion with him, if for just one afternoon.
My only question is this. How in the holy heck, after zooming to outer space to save an aircraft full of people, come back through the atmosphere, and carrying that plane to a safe landing, does he keep that freaking curl so freaking perfect? Huh? I would love to know what hair gel "the man of steel" uses. No more bad hair days!

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