December is lurking

It is the end of November. This means a few things. A) I will need to be changing my masthead rather soon. B) Christmas is coming to rob me of all monies saved thus far. C) The end of NaBloPoMo is here and D) I will soon be turning 28.

And that just sucks.

In honor of the ending of November, I am going to take the night off, go to bed early and sleep in late tomorrow.

Until next time...


  1. Oh I am so totally hating the presence of December. My kids saw this morning on TV the little snowflake icon and said "It's December!!" the other one said "You know what that means!" All I could do was roll my eyes and look for the nearest place to hide!

  2. Wow! We have much in common. I too, am turning 28 soon (which is a nice way of saying I feel 50) and I am also a step-mom! Glad I found you!

    we both love snark, so this is clearly a match made in hell.


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