My (angry) thoughts exactly

I don't make alot of money. I am just beginning to pay back my student loans and I have yet to really start my life. So when I heard about the furloughs being brought against Maryland state employees (of which I am one) I was ticked. Didn't they just pass a crapload of slots that were supposed to bring in a Donald Trump sized amount of money for education, healthcare, Sheila Dixon's kid's college fund and other things? First and foremost, I did not vote for slots. But the rest of Maryland felt they were necessary and now I still have to pay consequences.

When I found this cartoon on PolitickerMD.com, I thought I should just go ahead and share.

(you can find the original page here)


  1. I have seen your tweets & was wondering what this slot biz was all about -(I'm in metro Detroit) now I get it - happy holidays ? :( that stinks
    thanks for sharing, hope they get their act together for you.


  2. I, too, have seen your tweets and couldn't figure this one out. That really sucks. Around here they have casinos; supposed to help all SORTS of things - amazing thing though, bond issues STILL come up because budgets never seem to have enough money (guessing the only people who make any money on the casinos are the OWNERS?!?).

    Merry Christmas in SPITE of them! *smile*



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