I had a weird dream last night...

I hate that phrase. I cringe when someone walks up to me with the statement "Oh man, did I have a weird dream last night!". I don't care, it really didn't happen, and it is going to be boring. They then go on to tell you an elaborate story complete with large hairy dogs, pink unicorns and their deceased Uncle Boo Boo come back to bring them a message regarding how hippo blubber can turn back the evil grip that time has on your face.

They go on like this for almost 10 minutes. Ten minutes you could have spent doing something else. Like not listening to them tell you about something that didn't really happen.

And then some of folks get mad at you because of their dream. Like the time they caught you cheating on a math test while wearing those nasty UGG boots in their dream.

I mean, do you really think I would wear UGG boots in real life?

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