A lesson in napping

I make weird faces while I fly.

Now that I have become what I call a "travel-only girlfriend" I have become quite accustomed to the friendly skies. I have logged more hours flying to and from wherever Mr. Hot Pilot is than I have actually spent in one on one time with him. (Ok, maybe and over-exageration but this long distance thing is beginning to really bug me...can you tell?) So in becoming a connoisseur of the mile-high traveling status one would think that I would have figured out a proper way to take a restful nap without all of the embarassing jerking, head lolling and grimmaces that tend to render me a scary seat mate.

I haven't.

I often awake to the realization that my face is somehow contorting into a serious downward frown, one that would scare any timid flier into never setting foot on a jet-liner again. I've always heard that it takes more energy and muscle to frown so does the fact that I am doing this in my sleep mean I just might be burning extra calories? (One can wish). I even look around at my slumbering flight mates to see how they handle an in flight nap and they all tend to do so without so much as a finger twitch. HOW DO THEY DO IT??

Oh yeah, and that "Ding" of the illuminated seatbelt sign? Scares the living crap out of me. It jars into my deepest dreams and causes me to jump about 3 feet into the air.

Sigh. If only Mr. Hot Pilot would get down on one knee, I might not have to rack up so many frequent flier miles any longer. I am beginning to think he may never actually do it. What that means for us in the future? Still unknown...

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