"As a wise old Observer once said, "To constantly repeat the same action and expect a variant reaction is surely a sign of madness." …" - Brain Guy

I am a t-shirt and jeans wearing, fashion magazine reading kind of girl. Every single month I wait with baited breath until the newest issues of various magazines hit the shelves for me to peruse and disect and dream about. I love the way outfits are put together by the professionals-in a way I never possibly could. I try to study the masters, but when it actually comes down to my hitting the stores and trying to re-create the chic unique way of piecing together an outfit, I fall flat on my face. I will often find once I am home looking through my purchases that I have either
a) bought WAY too many t-shirts (or shirts in t-shirt like material)
b) bought everything in pretty much the same color
c) bought an item I realize will never ever leave my closet.

So I am trying a new way of shopping this year. I LOVE skirts and dresses, and tend to fall back on dresses especially during the summer time because they are comfy, and are the lazy girls all-in-one outfit. And a neat little trick I have found is that by varying the length of your hemline, you can have it hit at just the right spot to make you look as though you have long, lanky legs. BRILLIANT! I have decided to really study what the basic items I need in my wardrobe are, and then build off of that. I want pieces that I can mix and match in a gazillion ways to create a bazillion different outfits. I have taken to reading "What I Wore 2 Day" and I love how she will take one normal piece, and make it extraordinary. I want to do that! I want to learn how to accessorize (and not just wear the same pair of earrings every day for a year). I want to learn how to layer (and not just a cami under another t-shirt). I feel pretty solid on the shoe front. I have no problem buying tons of shoes in all shapes, styles and colors.

I ventured out yesterday afternoon to see what I could see. I just so happened to be walking through Lord and Taylor to get to H&M when I noticed a $14.99 and $24.99 sale rack (pretty much un-heard of in this overpriced store). So I stopped and found two amazing cropped swingy jackets. One had a laser cut out floral design, and the other was a thicker polka dot fabric. They both were originally $128 and $158 respectively. How much did I pay total? A whopping $45 BUCKS! Oh believe me, that totally made my day. So I am approaching my fashion disaster-dom like this : have my ten essential GOOD QUALITY items in my closet, and keep adding unique, colorful, textured pieces here and there. That way I don't overwhelm myself in the malls, and I don't bust the bank either. As it is, I wear scrubs to work anyway, so I don't get too many opportunities to play dress up anyway!

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