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"Oh, great. The plague. And I've got a date!" -Crow

I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing. I read plenty of blogs on a daily basis, but I certainly wouldn't use that fact to give me a sense of expertise. I am just your run of the mill girl who just graduated college, landed an awesome job, is in a great relationship with an amazing man and a soon to be step-mommy to his little boy. Oh, and did I mention that we live nearly 2000 miles away from each other?

I am 27 years old, and by my standards, this is pretty old to be finally starting my life. I thought I had everything started about 8 years ago when I got married at barely age 20 and moved far, far away from my family. You see, I was young, and by being young I didn't like to listen to my family. I mean COME ON. I knew way more than they did, right? RIGHT? Apparently not. So I married the wrong guy, moved to the wrong state, and did all of the wrong things. And then a year and a half later, we were done. So I once again did the wrong thing, and dated the wrong guy for 3 years and then of course that was done as well. Did I finally learn my lesson then? Heck no. I then went on to date another wrong guy for another year, before I decided it might just be better to be on my own, focus on my school and eventually be the old lady with all of the dogs running around her cluttered hodge podge of a house. Yep. I was done. But it is funny when you clean the garbage out of your life, and you make time to really renew your relationship with your maker and yourself. Suddenly things begin to fall into place, and good things begin to happen. I didn't rely on myself to figure things out and be in control anymore. I decided to do a crazy little thing called PRAY. My parents had always suggested it, and I always would respond with "Yep, ok. Sure, I'll be sure to get right on that." Its funny how you try to remove yourself from all of that when you know you aren't headed down the right path, and aren't quite sure you want to give up that lifestyle yet. I was a selfish little punk I suppose.
So I decided to pray for everything, and when it came to a future husband I left no stone unturned. I prayed for EVERYTHING about that man, whoever he may be. I also prayed that if a guy was not meant to be with me, that we wouldn't progress beyond the first or second date, and I wouldn't get attached in the least. And oh yeah, did I mention that I finally started dating christian guys? (Darn it, my parents were right again!) So I started seeing prayers answered. I went on a couple of dates with some very nice guys. But they didn't really materialize into anything, and I honestly didn't really care. And then I met Mr. Hot Pilot. We met through mutual means, and believe me when I say, I seriously didn't really think much of it. (Granted he was knock my socks off gorgeous, but he lived so far away!) Then we started casually talking and emailing back and forth. And then he asked if he could call me. So I agreed (even though again I didn't expect much). And then he called me...and we talked and talked and talked...and I began looking forward to his phone calls, and I opened up to him and vice versa in a way I never had before. Dare I say I liked this guy? Well, I'd been hurt in the past (I know, I know haven't we all) and I prayed my booty off that if this was nothing, to make it all go away before I got attached. But he kept calling, and I kept liking him more and more. So I prayed harder for him to just go away if this wasn't right. I prayed that I would never get hosed again, and that the next man I met I would marry...and if he weren't it I wanted him to LEAVE ME ALONE. But he didn't. And before you knew it we were on our first date in San Antonio. And what can I say? The rest is history.

Granted long distance relationships are hard, but if you have the right people fighting for the same thing, it is a heck of alot easier. While I finished my last year of school, we got to see each other about once a month. He would usually fly me down to see him since he has a 6 year old son and he is a military officer who doesn't have the same freedom I do in travel. I'll tell you what, I was more nervous about meeting Sammy (who now I consider my own little boy) than about meeting him or his parents! And we have our own struggles as many couples do. But we are bound by our faith and deep un-ending love for each other. And so now the journey to married life begins. Its gonna be a great ride!

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