The perfect combination

If you are an Etsy addict as I have become and you just so happen to live in Charm City (or even if you don't!) you really must check out the Baltimore Etsy Street Team. Here you will find local artisans/jewelry makers/crafters/clothing designers/independant businesses, etc. all in one place.

Those closest to me know that I have a penchant for all things bird and owl, so when I saw this posted on the front page, I immediately did a quick fund check in my head to see what I could spare. I found this, by Cuore to be my utmost favorite (and alas, sold out!)

And once again, I can prove that a handmade/crafted bag is so incredibly much better than spending your hard earned money on some overpriced Coach bag. Check this out by Garden Shop Boutique:

**P.S - Thanks to Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction for their little blurb on Charm City Chica!**

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