Thirteen things

"Say what you want reverend, this brings in the parishoners" -Crow

13 things that make me smile:
1. Brown Sugar Pop Tarts
2. My dog running for me when I get home, like it is christmas
3. Cute text messages from a certain hot pilot
4. Snuggling (with aforementioned pilot)
5. "What not to wear" on TLC
6. When Munchkin tells me he loves me "all the way to the strawberry milkshake galaxy and back!"
7. Getting real emails from real people
8. "The Look" (you know...that look deep into my eyes and get lost look)
9. Having long meaningful conversations with my friends (whom I love dearly)
10. Realizing I look halfway decent with both short hair AND long hair
11. Girl Scout cookies
12. Sick sarcastic toys from mcphee.com
13. Sunny days in the midst of a multitude of gloom

I guess this might display my sensitive side too much. Oh well!

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