The 80's are back, just in time for the election!

I came across these gems while perusing ebay looking for crap that I don't need.

As of right now, Sarah Palin is fetching $9600 while that hot old man, Joe Biden, is only fetching $710. Imagine that!

Here is snazzy Joe Biden sporting his wannabe VP best :

And how could you make such cool dolls of the veeps and completely forget about the celebrity presidential hopeful Mr. Barry himself :

And last but certainly not least, here is Sen. McCain looking decidedly dapper and just about the best he has ever looked :

**Update - 11/8/08 - In case you were wondering (and you know you were) Mrs. Palin ended up going for around $19,000! That is freaking CRAZY. Also, all four dolls were won by the same person. Hmm...wonder if they are going to "spread the wealth" around maybe?**


  1. Aaahahaha! Those cabbage patch candidates are so disturbing. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. What will they think of next? I saw you on NaBloPoMo and clikced because of "charm city" so I thought that you might be local. I was going to blog everyday but already broke my streak. Maybe next year.


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