Maybe kitten kicker was a bit much

When asked by a "youth" why Obama isn't the best choice, I told him "Because, Obama kicks kittens".

Ok. Maybe this was a bit much. Besides, my efforts were not even directed in the appropriate direction as this "youth" can't vote. As in he has about 10 more years until he can vote. Sigh.

Instead I should have sought out an on-the-fencer of appropriate voting age, and when asked "Why is Obama the most ridiculously wrong choice it is laughable not the best choice for America?" I should reply in this manner.

Because Obama will kick your bank account until it cracks open, spilling its wonderful contents, and then proceed to spread it around.

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  1. The idea that "spreading the wealth" will somehow leave you poor(well, *more* poor is more like it for most people with the current economic situation) really seems to be a misconception. The only people whose taxes would increase would be those in the very high income brackets and it's only going back to the rate it was during Clinton's presidency....not higher.....

    Obama *and* McCain have both discussed giving breaks to the Middle Class and small businesses.

    Additionally, Obama doesn't threaten women's "health" (really, public health) the way McCain does. And unless you're looking to add to your clan any time soon, McCain is an unwise choice as he also threatens birth control. I discussed this in my last blog entry.

  2. Well,after my political rant from this morning, I'm pretty much over it all.

    Doesn't matter who we elect anyway. We still get screwed.

    Sad but true.

  3. I'm really sorry you feel this way about our next President, and I know a lot of it has to do with the negativity and spin tactics from the McCain campaign, but I promise you, you will NOT be worse off with Obama! He's not going to take your money away from you, in fact, you probably fall into the group of people that will benefit greatly from his tax reform policies. Have some faith. More than half of the country did.

  4. Wow, all these comments were trying to make you happy about Obama. *sigh* I have to say I totally agree w/ you and your reasoning - it was one of the reasons I voted for McCain. I caucused for Obama, but that "spread the wealth" comment REALLY got me. Why should I have to work harder so that (whoever) can have health insurance, when I HAVE health insurance and still can't afford to go to the Doctor because of the deductible?? *boggle*

    Sorry, longer than I intended. Just came across the blog & wanted to offer support.


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