The Airline of Impending Doom

When one is in a long distance relationship, there are often times that really make you want to stand out on your back deck and scream to the high heavens about just how much the suckage is getting to you. If I knew I wouldn't be dragged away in a dingy straight jacket, that is just what I would be doing right now.

Mr. Hot Pilot and I have been working at this long distance thing for over a year and a half now. To be perfectly honest I have to admit that I am the luckiest girl on the planet to be with such a kind, sweet, intelligent, oh-so patient wonderful man who will occasionally let me vomit my emotional blatherings all over him. And then tell me how much he loves me.

My latest emotional upheaval was due to this little group called The Airlines. And they took a big massive poop on my day yesterday. You see, I often will travel every other week down to that dust bowl called Del Rio, Texas to visit my boys. My workweek begins on a Friday and ends on a Sunday (and yes I actually work 40 hours in those 3 days) so my only days to travel to and fro are on Monday and Thursday.

Thanksgiving week should have been one of those weeks when I would be packing my bags to be with my boys for some much needed bonding time. Unfortunately since I would be flying back home to Maryland on Thanksgiving day and since neither of my brothers would be able to make it to Thanksgiving at my parents house, I figured that I would just stay put in Maryland to kill two birds with one stone. So Mr. Hot Pilot began looking to see if it were possible to fly up with Munchkin to spend the holiday with my family and I and made the mistake of mentioning it to me.

I got overly excited.

I found what seemed to be the deal of a lifetime on Air Tran.com, where they were advertising $89 one way travel from San Antonio to Baltimore. I about wet my pants with glee. The site seemed to be giving me some troubles and I was unable to buy two tickets at once (I would pay their way up here and they would pay their way back) so when I went back to buy the second ticket at that shining $89 price, the monkey poop hit the fan. I was only able to find a ticket for $388. "This can't be right, there has to be some sort of mistake".

No mistake. After calling Air Tran TWICE about this I learned that I had not only bought the last ticket at that price (even though they were STILL advertising it!) but now I would not be able to return my ticket or change it unless I wanted to pony up a $75 fee. On an $89 ticket.

I was screwed.

By the time Mr. Hot Pilot and I did the math and tried to find a better plan, we decided in the end that it all was just way too much money, mostly due to that $388 blinger. We were able to find $89 one way travel back from Baltimore to San Antonio for $89 (bless you Delta Airlines) but that $388 just really dinged the whole deal. So now not only will I be spending Thanksgiving week in a nearly empty house (save for Thanksgiving day of course) but my boys will be left without any apple pie or snuggle time.

Oh yeah, and now I get to cat sit. Sweet.

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